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LED Flood And Area Lights

About LED Flood And Area Lights

LED Flood and Area Lights

Providing the illumination required for adequate security at commercial buildings and other outdoor areas, LED flood and area lights are ideal for building facades, streets and sidewalks, parking lots, and other open areas. These lights may be directed at specific objects such as landscape features, flags, business signs, and more. At Westgate Manufacturing, we offer an extensive array of the best outdoor LED flood lights and area lights to help you achieve the lighting you need for your outdoor spaces.

Our Selection of Outdoor LED Flood Lights

The wide-ranging selection of LED flood and area lights we offer include lights with photocell, high lumen flood lights, small and medium power high lumen flood lights, architectural flood lights, garden flood lights, bullet flood lights, weatherproof flood lights, and more. Our product selection comes in a variety of shapes, from round, to rectangular, to square, for your lighting and décor needs.

Outdoor LED flood lights come in various wattage and lumen counts to meet the illumination requirements of certain applications. Certain flood lights can cut through conditions such as fog and heavy snow and rain, making them ideal in harsher weather climates. They are also useful in locations where outdoor work is required at night or in other challenging conditions.

Whether you need LED parking lot lights, LED lights along the perimeter of your business, LED lights to illuminate roadways, or other LED flood and area lights for commercial applications, we have you covered.

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