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What Are the Best LED Lights for a Garage

When garages have inadequate lighting, it is more difficult to find things and work on projects. With the addition of LED lighting, you can significantly brighten up your garage space, making it a more inviting and workable space....

Why LED Lighting Is Important for Your Real Estate Organization.jpg
Why LED Lighting Is Important for Your Real Estate Organization

LED lighting is a highly effective and efficient form of illuminating spaces for various industries. Real estate properties in particular can benefit significantly from this form of lighting. Commercial LED outdoor lighting and indoor lighting can signifi...

How Do LED Parking Lot Lights Improve Safety and Security

If you own a commercial facility of any size with a parking lot, it is important to understand the benefits of LED parking lot lights in terms of safety and security. LED lights for parking lot spaces are proven to enhance the security and safety of custo...

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Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting.jpg
What Is the Best LED Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the perfect addition to enhance safety, visual appeal, and the overall ambience of your home and outdoor spaces. Regardless of whether you need lighting for your driveway, walkway, pool, or outdoor entertainment or living area, it is i...

How Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Your Home's Security

Every door and window in your home is a potential location of entry for a would-be burglar or thief. It is easier for those with bad intentions to successfully enter your home through these locations if they remain in the dark. Residential and commercial ...

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Purpose of an LED Flood Light.jpg
What Is the Purpose of an LED Flood Light

Outdoor LED flood lights consist of lights positioned on the exterior of a property, such as on poles or on the building itself which provide directional illumination to various types of spaces. This form of lighting is often used to enhance security for ...

LED Lighting for the Outdoors and Building Exteriors

Proper exterior lighting is essential for commercial and industrial buildings. These lights provide an important security function. They can also serve to enhance the aesthetics around a property, coordinating with other landscape lighting to generate a v...

Lighting for the Outdoors and Building Exteriors.jpg
LED Parking Garage Lighting.jpg
4 Important Benefits of LED Parking Garage Lighting

Having proper illumination in your parking garage is important. It indicates the business is a welcoming place and that it cares about serving its visitors well and protecting their safety. In order to achieve the best lighting within a parking garage, it...

Why Make the Switch to LED Parking Lot Lighting

Switching over to LED lighting from conventional HID, HH, or halogen lamps can significantly impact the energy costs of your organization for the better. It can free up funds to spend on other important aspects of your business or other organization....

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Buying Groups for LED Lights

This one about Buying Groups presents aspects of Buying Group membership not often realized by its members. Please take a moment to review this article concerning a steady & reliable growth path when choosing a lighting brand partner. ...

July Counselor

A valuable read concerning how Westgate can make energy-savings more accessible, more profitable, and more efficient. ...

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March Counselor

It is not getting any easier or any less expensive to be different from, better than, and stand apart from all of the competition in business. There is at least one ZERO cost easy way to be obviously better in your customer’s eyes. Check out the monthly c...

Multicolor Revolution

Westgate offers the widest selection of multi-power and multi-CCT products, find out the benefits of this revolution. ...

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Social Media

Every one should know about the benefits of energy-saving solutions. See engaging and information content on all of Westgate's social Media platforms. ...

Annual Address

A video from our Co-CEO about all the upcoming changes at Westgate Mfg. ...