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LED Linear Vapor Lights

If you need lighting that can operate effectively and safely in wet environments at a commercial business or other locations, look no further than our vapor tight indoor and outdoor LED strip lights. These lights are specifically designed to provide brilliant illumination, protect against harsh elements, and save on energy costs. At Westgate Manufacturing, we offer indoor and outdoor LED strip lights that are ideal for various commercial applications.

Our Vapor Tight Indoor and Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Our LED linear vapor lights include vapor tight LED luminaire which inhibits the intrusion of dust and moisture. They are surface-mounted lights that illuminate a wide surface area, providing greater coverage than other round or square fixtures in humid or damp conditions. These lights may be used in various commercial and industrial locations, including for retrofit parking garage projects and new construction. In the form of vapor tight indoor or outdoor LED strip lights, they provide highly efficient, uniform ambient illumination and a long service life.

Utilizing modern LED technology, these LED linear vapor lights are designed to replace lower-efficiency fluorescent lighting in exterior and interior locations. These can include car wash operations, food service areas, airports, tunnels, basements, loading docks, maintenance areas, showrooms, offices, retail stores, server rooms, parking garages, bus shelters, pavilions, gas stations, and stairwells.

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